Living Vedanta Satsangs
at the Ashram of Enlightenment
and Integration

Sundays Transmission 7 pm in Switzerland
and Thursday Transmission 7 pm in Switzerland, followed by Satsang in the Hall


Lord Grace, PhD

at GOD'S House Satsang Hall, Wittenwil, Switzerland
email Lord Grace for details.

Lord Grace is a Practical Advaita Monism Vedanta Shaktipat Guru. She supports those in the actual Awakening process to fully Enlighten and integrate to stabilize in Sahaj Samadhi and integrate fully in this lifetime and function.

Lord Grace offers Living Vedanta Satsangs, Shaktipat Transmissions for Samadhi, Enlightenment Training, quarterly Enlightenment Intensives, private retreats, and directs retreat residences and the monastery of GOD'S House in Switzerland, a rare residential opportunity for advanced Advaita Monists coming from North America and Europe.
This is also one of the few Ashrams in the world offering individual and small group Enlightenment mentoring direct and live for advanced spiritual students by the founding Sage, and in English, Her native language.

For long-distance committed students, Enlightenment Training, private Skype Spiritual Consultations and telephone supervision is available for up to two additional students a week at this time. Email supervision is always available.

Following the completion and submission of an Enlightenment Training Questionnaire, a potential student may schedule an initial private Spiritual Consultation with Lord Grace on the telephone or Skype for up to two hours of Lord Grace's time and Energy. This time can be used to evaluate where you are in your spiritual process, what is next for your spiritual practice, whether it is likely that you could actually directly experience full and total Enlightenment in this life, and whether there is a natural connection with Lord Grace and this Ashram to support you in this process. It may take one to three consultations for this all to become clear.

Shields and Disentanglements Training with Mirabai Swami is often next, followed by a series of Spiritual Astrological Consultations with Lord Grace.

When someone is deemed suitable, Lord Grace will intuit a timetable to work with you in scheduled consultations and energetically, as well as by recommending Scripture books and occasionally other programs, such as acupuncture, menu changes, chiropractic, and homeopathy. The usual cost for this supervision is a retainer of $250.00 to $500.00 a month, with a sliding scale where absolutely needed.

More advanced supervision, when someone is very close to Awakening or integrating recent Awakening, is $400.00 to $600.00 a month, as ALMIGHTY GOD Moves.

No one has ever been refused who is appropriate to be here, whether they have an ability to pay fees or not. Only a few students can be taken under these circumstances at a time, as the Ashram is not endowed by wealthy students or foundations, and donations and fees make the practical aspect of our services possible.

Go to Enlightenment Training for more details.

The Grace of GOD is totally spontaneous.

Most Living Vedanta Satsangs include:

*silent Self-enquiry meditation naturally focused in your Spiritual Heart, Throat, or Crown Chakra and experiencing your Self as Aware Consciousness Within;

*Spontaneous Teachings Called forth from the depth of Lord Grace's Conscious Awareness related to those gathered in front of Her.

*Shaktipat Energy Transmissions when spontaneously Called forth by the openness of those present;

*readings and spontaneous teachings from Vedanta, Zen, Sufi, and Christian poetry and Scriptures, as well as from Her own books about living in Enlightened Consciousness and about what conditions are needed to cross over and to maintain there;

*at times, watching inspired movies of Sages or topics others are clearing on, and Guidance around discernment and detachment.

*at times, spontaneous Buddha laughter, inspired singing and spontaneous dance occur.

*at times, opportunities to share current and previous spiritual experiences, and to ask how to apply meditation, spiritual practice, Consciousness, and Compassion in life.

Lord Grace founded a new lineage, the Direct Enlightenment Tradition, and also carries the lineages of Sri Swami Master Ram, Lilashah Bapu, Ramana Maharshi, and Lord and Master Jesus Christ.

She teaches from the Center of Compassionate Aware Consciousness and inspires many to have their own direct experience of Enlightenment.

Lord Grace has an earned PhD in Clinical Hypnosis, is Medical Board Certified in Clinical Hypnotherapy, was in private practice in Clinical Hypnotherapy for 25 years, and served as a counselor for 50 years in various settings. She now sees hypnotherapy as the zoom-lens aspect of Self-enquiry contemplation.

Lord Grace lives in residence in GOD'S HEART Ashram and teaches nearby at GOD'S House Satsang Hall, Her European teaching center in Wittenwil, Switzerland, near Winterthur. She directs residential and short-term stay retreat space at GOD'S House and the coming Enlightenment Monastery, while teaching there from mid July through the end of October and April through the end of June.

Long-distance students attend Skype Satsangs and by telephone, and receive supervision by email, Skype, phone, Scripture books, Satsang DVD sets, and by Internet download.

Call before coming, for Lord Grace to speak to you live and to make sure that you are best served by this Ashram, that the timing is right, and to establish a connection with Her before arriving. Directions and schedules can be confirmed at that time.

At times, She is traveling, and at others, the depth of Her seclusion, an individual retreat, or the quarterly Enlightenment Intensive does not lend itself to new people arriving.

In some cases, a private Spiritual Consultation can be arranged for special scheduling needs.

Four times a year, the Ashram is closed to the public, while Lord Grace offers a Five Day Residential Enlightenment Intensive. At times, as She is Moved, the Enlightenment Intensives will be Transmission only.

Heartfelt donations and course fees support the Ashram.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Ashram of Enlightenment and Integration

and Lord Grace
announce a

Five Day Enlightenment Intensive

at GOD'S House, Wittenwil, Switzerland, near Zurich.

The Enlightenment Intensive

is designed to prepare you for, Transmit, and integrate

Direct experience of Enlightenment.

This retreat supports your transformation

to this higher level of vibration and bringing you

to integrate, stabilize and live here at this level.

Transmission Only Shaktipat in an atmosphere of
Living Advaita Monism Vedanta, Spiritual Community, and High Shaktipat Energy.

Retreat Fee for Five Days 2500 CHF.

All fees are non-refundable.

Private room, shared bath and kitchen extra
for 40 CHF a night.

Applicants from the area will be considered to stay overnight nearby and attend daily.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday,
April 18th - 22nd, 2019
8 p.m. (20:00)

Interview required.
052 552 52 16 (international +41 52 552 52 16)

Register Soon.