Support the Ashram

Your support can take many forms.

We are always glad to have the Blessings of your prayers and well wishes.

On the physical plane:

Scholarships are always welcome for various programs, so that our staff and materials costs are actually covered. In particular, as Lord Grace works more with students in the monastic stage with reduced income due to their meditation and the current economic situation, scholarships mean appropriate Enlightenment Training support can be given as needed while the Ashram expenses can be met.

$15,000.00 will pay for the printing of 100 copies each of 10 Scripture books.

The Ashram service is expanding at the same time the economy reduced our income by 45% five years ago.  We have just sold both of our buildings in Arizona in order to follow Lord and Master Jesus Christ's Instruction to move to Switzerland and India.  We were able to pay off all of the Ashram credit card debts and bank loan, and ship most of the furniture to Switzerland.  We have been Moved and able to rent Guest House space in Tiruvannamalai, India, for Lord Grace to teach in and for Her and three others to stay there for another year.

We have continued to maintain services to the best of our ability while many of those we serve in recent years have been unable to pay or cover only a portion of what was needed to support them in their Enlightening process.

If there are any other monies, properties, goods and/or services you are moved to donate, Lord Grace will be glad to speak with you.

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