Lord Grace offers The Course for Courage, The Destiny PlayShop, Spiritual Astrological Consultations, Spiritual Consultations, Satsangs, Enlightenment Training, and small group and private individual retreats for those who are ready.
In Arizona:
The Course for CourageTM

The Courage

to Follow Your Heart

Makes Living Your Dreams Possible

Five Events To Change Your Life!

Spend time with a Master of Courage. 

Change Your Life in The Course for Courage.

The Ultimate in Stress-Prevention.  Master new skills. 

Develop the Courage to fully Live your Dreams. 

through PLAY
       Discover new Creative options. 
       Replace spontaneous Courage for adrenaline-rush responses or fear while under stress as well as in ordinary times. 
       Learn spiritual techniques.  
       See inspirational movies.  Grow from their examples.
       Meet a new support team. 
       Play new board games and old ones with a new flavor. 
       Design your own inspirational collage for Courage.

Advance non-refundable fee of $250 includes 

Return to Consciousness! 

the book by the designer of the course,

Lord Grace, PhD  

and ALL five PlayDays.

Coming in the USA when needed.

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