The Ashram of Enlightenment and Monastery maintains long and short term residential housing to support those with expanding Enlightened Consciousness to become stable and functioning while living in Sahaj Samadhi, the highest level of Samadhi available while maintaining a physical plane body.

Our residence offers shared living in The Enlightenment Monastery.  At this time two long-term resident monks live in residence there.  We can house one additional resident for retreat stay and/or two short-term retreat residents. 

The Enlightenment Monastery is 5700 square feet on two floors and has lots of doors, windows, and the property, indoor as well as outdoor, is laid out for spacious group living. 
Our Satsang Hall has individual LaZBoy leather recliner chairs.  Our retreat rooms have a Queen or Twin Sealy Posturepedic mattress and springs.  Decorations are harmonious.  Pictures are inspirational.     
The Sage Suite is a complete bed-sitting room with a queen bed in a private apartment with a private bath with tub and separate shower, kitchenette and laundry facilities, and also access to a larger kitchen on the same floor.  It rents for $100.00 USD a night.
This retreat room also has a comfortable LaZBoy recliner armchair for meditation or reading, a desk and a separate table for writing and/or eating in seclusion, a telephone with local service, internet access, two large closets, and a chest of drawers.  Sheets, pillows, comforters, and towels are provided.
The Christ Room has a single bed, LaZBoy recliner, desk for writing or eating, chest of drawers, and a closet.  Sheets, pillow, comforter, and towels are provided.  Whoever stays there shares a bathroom and a fully furnished kitchen down the hall.  It rents for $40.00 USD a night.
You provide your openness to heal, raise in vibration, and integrate there.

Bring your own your toilet articles which you, along with your electric shaver, hair clippers, and/or hair dryer (low voltage) if you use one.  European and Indian visitors will need adaptors for our 110 voltage.  

Each retreat participant has your own towel rack and bathroom storage space.

Local telephone service is available.  Bring your own long distance phone card.  The Enlightenment Monastery phone has long distance service within the continental United States, but not to Europe, India, or anywhere else on the planet.  Charging your personal long distance calls to these other locations is not available.  Please do not even ask.

You are responsible for your own transportation to and from The Enlightenment Monastery, and a $5.00 gas contribution if someone from the Ashram gives you a ride or runs a local errand for you while you are here. 

Please schedule your arrival to be in agreement with your retreat times you arrange with Lord Grace.  Her time and Energy are precious and shared by many.

If you are traveling here from Europe or India, and have not already purchased Homeopathic No-Jet-Lag, please do so and start taking it just before you fly here, during, and after the flight.
Many before have said they are not effected by jet lag, get here, and with the combination of the extra Shakti of being in residence plus jet lag, got knocked out and slept during regular daytime hours, sometime for days or a week, delaying the start of their retreat.   
Being physically Conscious while you are here is definitely a plus.  Some, even with taking No-Jet-Lag, have taken hours-long spontaneous daily naps for hours for the first two weeks here, which makes for an interesting retreat schedule.
If you are driving, request emailed directions when you register.   GPS is not always reliable.
Ace Express Shuttle offers service at $68 US Dollars cash or US check each way, $107 roundtrip provides pre-scheduled door-to-door service seven days weekly leaving the Phoenix airport or a nearby central location between 4 a.m. and 8:30 p.m. (1-928-649-2720).

Filtered water will be provided.

Have your initial retreat food with you when you arrive, including any special menu items, (we provide filtered drinking water), and food to share for at least one meal if you are at The Enlightenment Monastery for the weekly potluck, usually the Sunday early evening meal.

Retreat participants traveling internationally to get here can arrange for a resident to shop for their initial groceries ahead of time as long as the PayPal amount arrives in time.

Each participant will have your own kitchen cabinet shelf space, refrigerator and freezer shelves.  Please use only the glass or metal storage containers provided.  We live in the country, and and these containers do not encourage insects or rodents, whereas cardboard or plastic do not stop them, and plastic out-gases.

Label your own food items if a group is here, to avoid confusion.  Freezer tape to do so is provided.

The Enlightenment Monastery has three fully-furnished kitchens with lots of stainless steel and some glass cookware, stainless steelware, dishes, 3 Champion juicers, 3 convection toaster ovens, 3 blenders, 3 electric stoves, five refrigerators, two freezers, a large washer and dryer, and a combination washer/dryer unit for the Sage Suite.  Clothes drying racks are also available and their usage is encouraged.
The Enlightenment Monastery has central electric heat and central air conditioning and three supplemental electric mini-split room furnaces in public areas.  Many rooms have ceiling fans.  The house is on an artesian well and septic system, and has weekly garbage pick-up.
The Enlightenment Monastery is on 2.9 acres at the end of a quiet street, and there is lots of yard for walking contemplation or just to sit.  The Ashram is on a 1 acre lot on a quiet street nearby. 
The Ashram, ten minutes drive from The Enlightenment Monastery, is a short walk from a private entrance to Oak Creek, where there is also an area to walk or sit down by the water.  In warm weather, you can wade, if you bring a bathing suit.

Bring suitable modest clothing, including extra warm socks for meditating, loose, comfortable clothing that is not suggestive and not revealing (not too tight, too short or with low-cut necklines, no holes in revealing places, and no bikinis.  (The wearing of underwear is required).

Maxi or mid-calf skirts or dresses for women are appreciated for modesty.  Slacks that fit reasonably are acceptable.  No leggings, please.

Layered options (shirts, sweaters, jackets) work for varying mountain weather, sturdy walking/hiking shoes or boots; a modest knee-length or longer bathrobe, or a raincoat or coat that can double as one.  Sweat suits or clean jeans are O.K.

If you are checking internet weather reports before coming here, DO NOT CHECK PHOENIX WEATHER, as the temperatures there are at a very different altitude, and have very different weather and sometimes as much as a 30 degree or more difference.  Check for Cornville, Arizona weather.

Also bring pens and paper or a notebook or laptop computer that you can use to record suggestions and your own notes, dreams, insights and awareness, and spiritual experiences, etc. 

Spare cash, credit cards, and/or checks are useful in case you are moved to buy books, flower remedies, epsom salts, special menu items, order aromatherapy oils, arrange massage or acupuncture or chiropractic appointments nearby or on special occasions, especially at the end of your retreat, to go out to the movies or to dinner or to the Out-of-Africa zoo nearby.

Please do not rearrange furniture without speaking FIRST to Lord Grace or Loving GOD Swami and getting their permission.  Our set-up supports your and others retreats, space to support the integrity of each participant, safety, and for ease in cleaning.

Anything you break, you are responsible to repair or replace before you leave.  We operate the Ashram on a budget that does not include repairs or replacements that you have caused.

Each room has adequate clothes-hanging and drawer space.

Bring only what you are moved to bring or is needed to make your retreat stay successful.  More can be a distraction or a burden to care for.  We have no storage for leftover items you bring or purchase here.



Sage Suite, one night (change "Quantity" on the PayPal website for more than one night)

The Christ Room, one night (change "Quantity" on the PayPal website for more than one night)

An alternative payment method is TransferWise. TransferWise's help page offers instructions on how to set up your own account.
Write Mirabai Swami for further Ashram information.