Reiki for Enlightenment

Thousands of years ago, Tibetan Buddhist monks were given high-level tools to integrate rapid growth, and eliminate the side-effects of physical, emotional, and mental purification, in order to Enlighten sooner and more fully.  These tools are available now for those who resonate strongly with higher levels of Energy and/or if you already are a natural healer.

Re-attune and move into the next highest level of Universal Energy. Receive a detailed Manual. Learn professional practices to discern your appropriate clientele, room set-up, and how to take care of yourself in giving energy treatments. 
Level I Reiki teaches the precise method of laying-on of hands, intentional living, and self-healing.

Level II Reiki teaches the Sentences to significantly increase healing power by as much as 50% for physical, emotional, and mental body healing.

Level III Reiki, the Master level, teaches the Master Sentences (in English, Japanese, Tibetan; Chinese) for the Cosmic connection and to initiate others.

Experience your PRIVATE ATTUNEMENTS in sacred ceremony one or more levels at a time one month before the training.


Sui Ching Sacred Water Ritual     All the Reiki Sentences

An extensive Manual and Professional Practice Tips for

Subtle Energy Healers     Masters Level Certificate      

Meditation to connect consciously to the Oneness

Self-Healing lessons on all levels

Lots of hands-on practice

Laughing Buddha School of Reiki Masters

Levels I, II, and III Given Simultaneously by Shaktipat Reiki Master Lord Grace 

at: The Enlightenment Monastery, Cornville, AZ 86325
(2 hours northeast of Phoenix)
The Course is offered when needed 
and Lord Grace is moved 

928-649-3335 or

The History of Reiki

         Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) was re-discovered by Dr. Mikao Usui, a Christian Monk who was teaching in a seminary in Japan in the mid-1880's.  After a student asked him, "Why do you not teach us to heal the way Christ did?" a ten-year search led him around the world to Tibet.  In ancient Mahayana Buddhist Sutras, he found these keys to healing, which reported to activate and direct Universal Life Force Energy.  These Tibetan (or English) sentences, when applied, would bring one to a vibratory level that created a channel for this Energy to flow.  Dr. Usui was shown how to attune suitable people, so that they could assume responsibility for their own spiritual well-Being on all levels.

Reiki for Enlightenment

         In recent years, the rapid acceleration of Spiritual Energies coming onto the planet has made it crucial to increase the strength of our tools to adjust and make use of this continuous rapid growth opportunity.  It is now possible and even essential to give all three levels of Reiki initiation at one time to those who are ready.  Interviews will confirm readiness.
         Given simultaneously or close to one another to fine-tune the connection between the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels, these attunements magnifiy and strengthen the Universal Energy within.  In this high level of vibration, balance and healing occur easily, while aligning the connection to all the spiritual centers (chakras) and the Cosmos.  Attunement rapidly accelerates Awakening and integration.
         Alignment at this high level, mastering your process and stabilizing in high levels of vibration are essential ingredients to your Awakening to Sat-Chit-Ananda, the levels of Consciousness, Compassion, and Love that made Christ, Buddha, Rumi and Ramana Who they really were.
         REIKI for Enlightenment attunement facilitates your moving into higher and higher levels of Energy as you are ready for them.  Regular treatments (given to yourSelf and others) assist you in adjusting to living at each new level of vibration, then the next.        

TOTAL COST is $450.  Reserve ASAP your space with a 50% non-refundable deposit; pay the balance at attunement.  

STAY at The Enlightenment Monastery for $40.00 to 100.00 additional a night in a supportive atmosphere similar to what the original Reiki students experienced.

Click on Housing for details. 

ATTUNEMENTS GIVEN AT LEAST ONE MONTH BEFORE TRAINING for full integration before the Course begins.

Ashram of Enlightenment and Integration, PO Box 812, Cornville AZ 86325, Tel. 928-649-3335
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