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We are always glad to have the Blessings of your prayers and well wishes.

On the physical plane:
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Goodshop is a great and easy way to support Ashram of Enlightenment- by shopping through their site at thousands of stores like Home DepotOffice Depot and Amazon, they'll donate up to 20% of your purchase back to us, free of cost to you!

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Scholarships are always welcome for various programs, so that our staff and materials costs are actually covered. In particular, as Lord Grace works more with students in the monastic stage with reduced income due to their meditation and the current economic situation, scholarships mean appropriate Enlightenment Training support can be given as needed while the Ashram expenses can be met.
$36,000.00 will pay off the Ashram business credit cards.

$80,000.00 will pay off the Ashram Business Loan used for renovations at the Ashram and Dharmasala Retreat Center.

$15,000.00 will pay for the printing of 100 copies each of 10 Scripture books. 

$185,000.00 donations and/or goods and services will install solar and wind power on the Ashram buildings, supplying needed consistent electricity and water to our two retreat facilities.
The Ashram service is expanding at the same time the economy reduced our income by 45% year before last.  We are just recovering this past year.  Our expenses have not reduced.  Our staff are all monks who volunteer their service.  
We have maintained services to the best of our ability while some of those we serve have been unable to pay or cover only a portion of what was needed to support them in their Enlightening process.  
We are currently running $2,500.00 a month short to cover our basic expenses.  Our buildings are aging and require regular maintenance that we have not been able to provide in recent years.
If there are any other monies, properties, goods and/or services you are moved to donate, Lord Grace will be glad to speak with you. 

Tax receipts are available for any donation of $75 and over. Services in kind are acceptable.

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Patrons of Enlightenment
a project of
The Ashram of Enlightenment
P. O. Box 812
Cornville, AZ 86325

International 001-928-649-3335 

a 501(c)(3) religious organization

Some years ago, I was given a vision of Patrons of Enlightenment, a non-profit scholarship fund that could assist final-stage students with their financial expenses during transition to and integration of Awakening, as well as the expenses for Enlightened teachers and their facilities who support those without the financial means to fully support themselves.

I have not ever had the ability to refuse services to anyone coming here who was suitable and yet unable to cover our modest costs.  This has strained our Ashram finances over the years of operation and today's current economic conditions have put us in a challenged financial position.  

Students and teachers of other traditions at times must have the same challenge.  Spiritual teachers at this level are often not well known and, having no ability to focus on making money, may also not have the resources to take care of their own needs, as fewer students ripen into maturity often and those students who may have already gotten to a place of being unable to work regularly or beyond some simple low-income humble service, cannot always easily pay their own way.

For example, for many years my personal income has been below the federal poverty level.  It is not that I do not work or charge for retreat services.  It is simply that I am a monk and with that dedication, whatever comes into the Ashram of Enlightenment goes to support program needs, the facilities, and the students here.  My personal needs are covered by a modest monthly income from Social Security, Canada Pension, and Food Stamps.

Unfortunately, the Ashram is unable at this time to also pay for the often frequent acupuncture, Network chiropractic, naturopathic, homeopathic, nutritional, massage, and even dental and eye care needed for rapidly evolving bodies rushing to catch up with expanded and increasing Consciousness.  These services are provided elsewhere in the Arizona community, and their lack in a timely manner has at times meant a delay in more significant spiritual experience and even Awakening, as well as integrating these experiences.

New wine needs new vessels.

Some of us Enlighteners are in maturing bodies that require more support and most have no insurance.  One spiritual teacher I know has an advancing case of diabetes, which some years ago could have been remedied by a simple surgery costing about $5,000 uncovered by His insurance He did have. We only heard about that situation two years after the fact.  By the time we were able to find a donor, other conditions made the surgery unsuitable.

At other times, teachers need to take sabbaticals and/or vacations, and have no financial means to do so.  For example, I was able to take a 2 1/2 day vacation eight years ago.  The one before that was for 2 1/2 days twenty-six years ago.  I am often on call for weeks and sometimes months at a time, along with my regular duties.  This is not realistic for a maturing body, which turned 70 in 2014.

This is not an era when Humanity can easily afford to loose the rare Blessings of truly Enlightened Sages still in the body when mere financial remedies could suffice.  Nor is it a time for others nearing actual Awakening to choose to abort their experiences or, having them in unsuitable places, are unable to integrate them because of lack of suitable support or inappropriate conditions where they live.

I currently supervise students from North America and Switzerland. 

The Ashram needs to be free financially to provide program scholarships and related costs to support Enlightenment when needed, and sometimes with very little notice and no time to fund-raise for extended long-distance retreats and/or travel.

For thousands of years, seekers have gone to see those who might free them. When they were unable to travel, teachers went to them.
I long to meet such pure sweet souls who have come so far with so little external support.
Right now there is no obvious means to do this.

Our last few years at The Ashram of Enlightenment has been glorious with more Enlightenment for my Self and major Awakening experiences for Forever Swami, Swami Joy, Mirabai Swami, Rumi Swami, Judi Clearheart Swami, Heart Swami, Swami Lotus Love, and Swami Lotus Heart.  

However, often what has happened each time afterwards for several months is that I have been busy integrating and/or supporting the integration of others so that there has been no energy to put into the workshops, personal retreats, and other events that usually cover the extra running expenses that finance the Ashram.

People who have just Awakened or Enlightened further cannot always work immediately or to full capacity.
The Ashram is growing.  Subsidies to support students coming from all over the world would be a great Blessing.

This is our purpose for Being.  I am happy with my assignment and I accept it whole-Heartedly.  However, supporting further students well now requires additional response from others.

If your Heart is moved, and if you are able to make a donation of $75 or more, we can issue a tax-exempt receipt that might be of use to you also.  Checks should be made out to The Ashram of Enlightenment.  We can also accept bank wire transfers and paypal payments on checking accounts, Visa and MasterCard.

Imagine the energetic contribution to the world at this time if more add their Enlightenment and raise the Consciousness of the world now.  

And you could be a part of this.  OM

Thank You for considering us in your giving.

You will be Blessed, as will the Enlightenment of the world. 
                    Swami Sri Guruji Grace Love Maharaj, PhD

P.S. If you are moved to forward this request to anyone who might be moved to be of assistance, please do so.

One-time contributions are welcome, as well as individual or corporate sponsors who wish to make monthly or annual contributions.  Sponsorship sponsorship of various programs or of individuals is also available.  

We are also asking for suitable volunteers who would consider forming an Advisory Board for The Patrons of Enlightenment.  I would ask that they be of Great Heart and Compassion, empathize with our cause, and that they understand their Stewardship is for supporting others in worthy projects as well as themselves.

For thousands of years the arts have had patrons. 

Is it not time for Patrons of Enlightenment?

We have 501(c)(3) status.

GOD is Calling.  

The times are demanding that we all take the next step.

What will be Your response?


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