The Destiny PlayShop


Five Remarkable Events!

A Vision Quest For Those Born

to a Destiny Beyond Ordinary Life

with Guruji Grace Love, PhD

1st Event - Remember Your Soul Indicators; Why You Took Birth.

2nd Event - Recognize Your Day of Full Destiny Life Purpose Expression.

3rd Event - Identify Lifestyle Changes Supportive of Destiny Living.

4th Event - Recognize Timetable and Order of Priorities to get there in a quality way.

5th Event - Make your own spontaneous collage to inspire and manifest the rest of your Destined life.

350 CHF Non-Refundable Fee includes

The Destiny PlayBook

Background: Guruji Grace Love, PhD has spent 40 years in lifestyle and career change counseling, and Destiny mentoring.

A revered Sage told her 36 years ago, "You have spent so much time focused in this area that you have developed a siddhi (spontaneous power to Bless people) in the area of Destiny expression.

All people have to do is get in your Energy field long enough for the shift to occur!"

Lord Grace remembers:

"In March of 1994, I was awakened about 4 a.m., and told to write. What came out were the Destiny processes almost totally as you have them now in The Destiny PlayShop and The Destiny PlayBook. It was obvious immediately that they were far more profound than earlier ones I had been given. As I wrote them, spontaneously I experienced going through them mySelf, and had many insights and awarenesses of a very high nature within a matter of minutes. My life changed, became more clear and precisely on goal, on my Destiny line; openings multiplied. Many others have had the same experience since then. I invite yours to shift accordingly."

I was told the night that I received the new processes that

"Many people are now ready to know fully why they came on the planet, and it is now time to express fully the Destiny for which they were born."

Rocket through to the next level in your Destiny!

The Destiny PlayShop is coming next when needed.

Retreat housing for an additional fee is available booked ahead.

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Extra Materials - Wild Oat, Holly, Impatiens, Cerato, Scleranthus, Chestnut Bud, Rock Rose, and Walnut Bach Flower Essence Remedies and Dill, Shooting Star, and Lotus Flower Essence Society Remedy are recommended to put on your chakras before, during, and after the PlayShop, and there may be additional ones specifically recommended for you. Start using them the day you register.  (Not included in fee.)

Amazing opportunity!!!

Author of thirteen books, Guru and Spiritual teacher, Destiny Mentor, Reiki Master Teacher/Healer, Lord Grace teaches live at GOD'S House Satsang Hall from November through December and from April through June and October through early January each year.

From early January through early April and from mid-July to mid-October, She Transmits and teaches in Tiruvannamalai, India.  Skype Satsangs are available at both locations in-between. Satsang is every Sunday evening in Switzerland and afternoons in India.

Lord Grace supervises retreat space at GOD'S House and the Enlightenment Monastery in Wittenwil, and retreat apartments are available in Tiruvannamalai, India at the Shiva Shakti Guest House.  Book through Lord Grace or Mirabai Swami.

Lord Grace offers Satsangs, Enlightenment Training, Spiritual Consultations, The Course for Courage, The Destiny PlayShop, Spiritual Astrological Consultations, and small group and private retreats for those who are ready on location and over Skype.