Enlightenment Training

Training for Enlightenment is essential for many to prepare for and to adapt to actually live permanently in Sahaj (Natural) Samadhi.

For many who have trained through the Ashram of Enlightenment and Integration, formerly in America, and continuing through GOD'S House in Switzerland, there are a series of Awakenings, often followed by detachments and a series of releases on apparent issues and latent tendencies, then adjustments to higher levels of vibration and functioning at each new level. For some, they have the releases and detachments first, then the spiritual Awakenings. Many prepare for and experience internal Spiritual Marriage between the male and female aspects and right and left brain as part of this Enlightening process.

Always there is integration.

Enlightenment Training here at the Ashram of Enlightenment and Integration in America and GOD'S House in Europe is individual, thorough and focused. Every area of your spiritual practice and lifestyle is evaluated for its ability to support your actual crossover Enlightenment and its full integration in this life.

Each candidate is examined for their potential for full and total Enlightenment in this lifetime, and their spiritual connection with Lord Grace as Guru and the spiritual practices She and the Ashram of Enlightenment and Integration and GOD'S House offer.

Your completed Enlightenment Training Questionnaire, emails, astrological charts, and interviews provide information that will make your selection for possible training obvious to Lord Grace, Her staff and residents, and you, the applicant. Application is only for advanced spiritual students who actually experience sufficient longing and the persistence to Enlighten fully and totally in this lifetime above all else, and the openness and humility to receive instruction from a competent Guru. OM

Enlightenment, actual full and total crossover Enlightenment, is a many-lifetimes process. In the life in which you will actually Enlighten, or may have that opening, your life will transform on every level. Past focuses, obsessions, and addictions fall away, to reveal only ALMIGHTY GOD. Apparent external relationships change, recede in importance, or fall away. Orientation around work and material life shift, to what is essential to experience and serve ALMIGHTY GOD. Many observe this is a major transition and that it stays predominant. OM

A few may be suitable for disciple initiation. Disciple initiation here is to vow to take ALMIGHTY GOD, the I AM Presence, as your Guru through Enlightenment, integration, and forever. Lord Grace will be your Guru on the ground. For some, monastic vows may serve. Neither are required for acceptance into Enlightenment Training. One or both may become suitable and essential later on in the process.

Many find residential living or living nearby an essential part of their life and spiritual support. For others, living a GOD-focused life is enough. Others find on-going spiritual support helpful in this very profound on-going shift.

The natural focus on direct experience of ALMIGHTY GOD, Enlightenment, integration, and the service to ALMIGHTY GOD following Enlightenment becomes all. Everything else recedes into the background. This massive shift may be more than even those with significant spiritual practice background and earlier Awakenings may expect. This Enlightenment Training process allows Lord Grace to also to support students from Europe and India as well as further away in North America. In this way, they can come to the Ashram here or in Switzerland when it is really necessary and time. OM

Coming on an individual retreat or for an Enlightenment Intensive here or a combination of both can be beneficial when the student is close to a major spiritual breakthrough or Awakening, or integrating Awakening.

If you are moved, email or call Lord Grace for the following forms: Enlightenment Training Questionnaire, Enlightenment Training Agreements, and Enlightenment Training Contract and Release.

Lord Grace, PhD, has been an Advaita Monism Practical Vedanta Guru for 33 years, and a counsellor and wholistic healer for 50 years.

Lord Grace uses a wide range of modalities, including Self-enquiry contemplation meditation, Living Vedanta Satsangs, Satsang DVD's, Scripture, spiritual counsel, play, inspired and clearing movies, Clinical Hypnotherapy, flower remedies, aromatherapy, spiritual astrology consultations, spontaneous prayer, and Reiki.

She directs The Ashram of Enlightenment and Integration, GOD'S House, and The Enlightenment Monastery, in Wittenwil, Switzerland.

Lord Grace formerly meditated in India and California as an initiated disciple with two Enlightened Sages. (See Satsangs for Her more complete background.)

She also trained in Clinical Hypnotherapy with Dr. Carl Simonton and Stephanie Simonton, Dr. Irving Oyle, Dr. Hans Selye, and Dr. Barry Seedman. She is Medical Board Certified in Clinical Hypnotherapy and was in private clinical practice for 25 years.

Dr. Love has an earned Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Hypnosis from Albert University, and now only sees spiritual students focused on Enlightenment. She and the Ashram staff use and teach self-hypnotherapy when appropriate as a clearing aspect of the zoom lens of Self-enquiry contemplation.

Lord Grace offers Live Practical Vedanta Satsangs twice a week that are also seen on large-screen Skype in the alternate Ashram Satsang Hall at the same time, followed by Satsang downloads weekly. On both Sunday and Thursday, She first offers a Transmission while students meditate in their retreat rooms.

She also offers live private Spiritual Consultations or on the telephone and on Skype with students preparing for Enlightenment. Consultations can take 45 minutes to 2 1/2 hours each and can cover whether your current spiritual practices are suitable for Enlightenment Training, more advanced meditation practices and refinements, assessment of your post recent spiritual experiences, recommended Scriptures, and specific suggestions to accelerate your progress towards actual Enlightenment and its integration in this life in your specific work and life circumstances.

Spiritual Consultation with Lord Grace
$250.00 US

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Write Mirabai Swami for further Ashram information.

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If and when a student is accepted conditionally initially for Enlightenment Training, the student may go onto a monthly retainer rate, which can include weekly or biweekly Satsangs, live or by download, email support and questions answered in-between, and, when appropriate, a monthly individual live, Skype, or telephone spiritual consultations with Lord Grace. Scripture books and Satsang DVD's are extra.

Often, in-between public and private Satsangs with Lord Grace, it will be important for you to have a clearing consultation or a series of Clearing Consultations with Mirabai Swami which will prepare you for your next Satsang or time with Lord Grace.

The flat rate for such support allows the student to budget for these services and to be able to receive them when needed, so their process continues to flow. The retainer amount for most varies between $400.00 and $1,000.00 a month. It is set by the student and Lord Grace meditating together and sharing the results. Of consideration is the number of Ashram services anticipated monthly. As they increase or decrease over several months, the retainer can be adjusted accordingly.

Enlightenment Training Monthly Retainer
$100.00 - $1000.00 US

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Write Mirabai Swami for further Ashram information.

For more advanced students approaching or following an Awakening, support is more frequent, individual, and may require occasional retreat housing at GOD'S House or The Enlightenment Monastery in Switzerland. The flat rate retainer allows for full support without having to put attention on it during the process. OM

Because of the intensity of this process, only a few students can be on this advanced program at one time. OM This fee allows for more frequent check-ins and/or clearing sessions with the facilitator assigned to you, and likely two or more private live, Skype, or telephone Satsangs with Lord Grace in one month.

It also allows the Ashram to maintain itself financially while focused on serving those Enlightening. OM Retreat housing, when occasional for a day or two, is included. If it becomes ideal for longer than a few days or a week at a time, another discussion will take place considering residency and fees. Scripture books and Satsang DVDs are extra.

This is not a casual opportunity. For those who are Called, you will recognize the value. OM

Advanced Enlightenment Training Monthly Retainer
$600.00 US

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All fees are non-refundable.

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Mirabai Swami has been receiving spiritual instruction through Lord Grace for 11 years and living in residence for more than 7 years. For three years she has served as an Ashram staff member supervised by Lord Grace for spiritual students and retreat participants.

She trains students in how to complete karma and soul learning without having to enact them in life, and how to release inappropriate chakra entanglements and psychic plugs from every life with relatives, friends, associates and former relationships that are challenging or incomplete.

The Shields Training also includes releasing former initiations in this and other lives that would interfere with your Enlightening now, as well as any connections to dark force energy from this and former lives, in order to be free to totally Enlighten and integrate now.

Mirabai Swami offers the following services to assist you in your spiritual development. She works live, on the phone, and on Skype.

Shields and Disentanglements Training

Clearing Consultations with Mirabai Swami

All fees are non-refundable.

An alternative payment method is TransferWise. TransferWise's help page offers instructions on how to set up your own account.
Write Mirabai Swami for further Ashram information.

Book live, phone or Skype Shields and Clearing Consultations with Mirabai Swami live in Switzerland and on Skype for the United States, Canada, Europe, and India.

Email mirabaiswami@GODSHOUSE.ch

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