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Satsang DVDs

Set I, Set II, and Set III are available now. More are in preparation.

Each set has 25 full-length Satsangs DVDs. Some have an additional Energy Transmission to meditate with.

Perfect for those doing spiritual practice some distance away from either teaching center and/or to support your own lifestyle schedule.

You can receive fresh Enlightenment Teaching whenever you are moved.

Set III is ideal for supporting the integration of major Awakenings.

$250.00 for each set.

Email Mirabai Swami at mirabaiswami@enlightenmentmail.org for shipping details and cost.

The Enlightenment Series:

Vol. I: Return to Consciousness! - $25.

Vol. II: Aware Consciousness
(in progress)

Vol. III: The Chakra Connection to Consciousness - $30.

Vol. IV: The Enlightening Guru - $30.

Vol. V: Monks Without Walls, A Journey from Hermit to Monastic - $25.

Vol. VI: The Essence of Contemplation - $25.

Vol. VII: Last Minute Instructions for Enlightenment - $30.

Vol. VIII: Obstacles to Enlightenment ERASED - $25.

Vol. IX: Integration of Realization - $50.

Vol. X: Enlightenment Record - $50.

The Mystical Poetry Series:

The Grace Gita - $35.

Other Titles:

The Destiny PlayBook - $25.

GOD Called Me
Autobiography of a Western Guru - $35.

Live in the Moment
(Drop the Drama of Past Lives by Centering,
Disentanglements, Psychic Plug Releases, Releasing Specific Past Lives, Forgiveness, Commitment Not to Do It Again) - $10.

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