The Ashram of Enlightenment and Integration

with Lord Grace, PhD
presents a
Five Day Enlightenment Intensive
Wittenwil, Switzerland near Zurich.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday,
October 17th - 21st, 2019
7 p.m. (19:00)

The Enlightenment Intensive
is designed to prepare you for, transmit, and integrate
the same direct experience that made Gautama
the Buddha.

This permanently transforming
brings you to stabilize
in high levels of Samadhi
and live here.

Shaktipat Transmissions and Living Practical Vedanta Satsangs in an atmosphere of Living Advaita Monism Vedanta, Spiritual Community, and High Shaktipat Energy.

Private room, shared bath and kitchen 40 CHF a night extra.

Retreat Fee for Five Days 2,500 CHF

An alternative payment method is TransferWise. TransferWise's help page offers instructions on how to set up your own account.
Write Mirabai Swami for further Ashram information.

All fees are non-refundable.

Two Retreat Rooms are available with shared refrigerator, cooking, and bathroom facilities.

Email Lord Grace to apply.


The Ashram of Enlightenment and Integration

with Lord Grace, PhD


Living Practical Vedanta Satsangs with

Shaktipat Transmission in Tiruvannamalai, India

from July 14th through September 8th, 2019,


Siva Sakthi Siddhar Peedam Guest House

Email lordgrace@enlightenmentashram.com
for details.


Lord Grace is a Practical Advaita Monism Vedanta Guru who transmits high level Samadhi Shaktipat. Her assignmetnas a Guru is to Transmit Enlightenment and assist in the adjustment to and integration of higher levels of Samadhi and Awakenings

Lord Grace offers Living Vedanta Satsangs and Enlightenment Training with applied Absolute Teachings to advanced seekers on how to uncover their own direct experiences of Consciousness and integrate them into Western life, and gives subtle energy transmissions for both.

She directs GOD'S House and the Enlightenment Monastery in Wittenwil, Switzerland, a rare residential opportunity for Advaita Monists in North America, Europe and India, and one of the few Ashrams in the world offering individual support direct and live by the founding Sage, and in Western English, Her native language.

She will offer Satsangs at GOD'S House Satsang Hall in Wittenwil, near Winterthur from April 14th, 2019 through mid-July, 2019, and from mid-September, 2019 through December, 2019.  An Enlightenment Intensive will be offered from April 18th - 22nd, 2019. Email for details.

Three to four times a year the Ashram is closed to the public while Lord Grace offers this residential Five Day Enlightenment Intensive, usually in January, April, July, and October.

Many people find Enlightenment Training a useful place to start in their journey here. Shields and Dis-entanglements Training is usually first. A Spiritual Astrology consultation is then often recommended, and next a private retreat or Enlightenment Training over long distance.

Lord Grace recommends that people coming for the Enlightenment Intensive where possible come for at least a total of two and a half to three weeks, with some days before and after the Enlightenment Intensive, to allow time for clearing, adjusting to the dyad process and Ashram Energy and to allow for integration following Direct experience. Extra housing and consultation fees will be involved in the case of longer stays.

Often a private retreat is recommended before coming for an Enlightenment Intensive.

Lord Grace's Personal Spiritual History

Lord Grace has been experiencing Self-inquiry contemplation meditation full-time ever since coming off an Enlightenment Intensive thirty-six years ago, and trained in contemplation meditation and staffing Intensives for a year with an Enlightenment Master in the Toronto area.

Next she meditated six hours daily in the St. Helena, CA Ashram as a residential Nivritti supervised directly by Yogeshwar Muni for six months. While there, she took the Enlightenment Masters Training under Skanda, and the first Six Week Enlightenment Intensive under Satya.

An internal experience of Shiva, the Enlightening aspect of the GODHEAD, instructed her to come to India. She moved there on a one-way ticket.

Six weeks later, she met her first Enlightened Guru, a little known Advaita Monism Practical Vedanta Guru and disciple of Lilashah Bapu, and was initiated as his first Western disciple. After meditating there in his Ashram for nine months, she returned to the United States to assist in his first teaching tour.

Shortly after returning, she met Sri Swami Master Ram, now in seclusion in the West. Master Ram incarnated fully Enlightened and later asked to have His Consciousness reduced to tolerate growing up in rural Georgia until it was needed for His assignment. He re-Enlightened in front of Anasuya Devi Amma, of Jillellamudi, India. She also initiated Him into the Giri (Mountain) Order of Hindu Swamis, an ancient monastic tradition revised by Sri Shankaracharya.

Master Ram initiated Lord Grace as a disciple and then a Swami, and taught her in residence for two years.

After a significant spiritual Awakening in July 1986 the GODHEAD Energy Presence Within asked,

"Will you be a Guru for ME and Love MY children?"

Three days later, Shaktipat energy to transmit Blessings for spiritual experiences and high levels of vibration (Samadhi) appeared spontaneously.

Her Vedanta Guru Blessed Her to teach Practical Vedanta in the fall of 1986. Shortly after, Yogeshwar Muni Blessed Her to lead a spontaneous version of the Enlightenment Intensive. Dr. Jack Bruns ordained Her as a non-denominational minister, saying that She is obviously Called to preach.

Lord Grace had further Awakenings in 1988, 1995, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018, and 2019. She has written twenty books about the Enlightening process.

Sri Swami Master Ram has called Her a Bodhisattva of Grace. Vedic Astrologer Andrew Foss has said that She has a siddhi (power) to heal the human Heart. Bhagavan Swami Sri Atmananda of Tiruvannamalai, India (www.satyachetana.org) has said of Lord Grace that finally He has met in the West one Enlightened Master Who is fulfilling all the marks.

On June 5, 2015, Lord and Master Jesus Christ consecrated The Ashram of Enlightenment as His and ALMIGHTY GOD I AM'S. He Said that the Ashram will be protected and Serve for 1,000 years and Forever. He consecrated Reverend Guruji Grace Love as His minister to prophesy, evangelize, and heal for Him, and that She is His Forever.

On November 29th, 2015, ALMIGHTY GOD I AM Told Lord Grace to go to India soon. She taught in Tiruvannamalai in January, 2018. She founded and Ashram there, and is Teaching and Transmitting there from mid-July through mid-September, 2019, and January through mid-April, 2020.

Lord Grace has founded a new lineage, the Direct Enlightenment Tradition, and also carries the lineages of Sri Swami Master Ram, Yogeshwar Muni (founder of the Enlightenment Intensive), Lilashah Bapu, and Lord and Master Jesus Christ.  She is an ordained non-denominational minister.

Lord Grace has an earned PhD in Clinical Hypnosis, and was in private practice in Clinical Hypnotherapy for 25 years. She now sees hypnotherapy as the zoom-lens aspect of Self-enquiry contemplation, and She and her staff use it when moved as part of the spiritual process for qualified spiritual students.

Questionnaire, Agreement, Contract, Packing

If you are interested in applying to come to Satsang, for Enlightenment Training, on an individual retreat or the Enlightenment Intensive, the first step is to send an email to Lord Grace to describe relevant details about yourself, your meditation format and frequency, your most recent spiritual experiences, and why you are moved to come at this time.

Including your astrological data at the same time can be helpful for Lord Grace to determine if you have a natural connection here and if it is right timing to come for your spiritual progress. That includes your full name, city and country of birth, exact time of birth (if you are not certain, look on your birth certificate or ask a living relative, if possible), and the city, state, and country where you live now.

Following that, Lord Grace will make an appointment to speak with you on the phone or on Skype. If it is appropriate to proceed, you may click on Questionnaire just above, and complete it. If you are moved to proceed, you may email it to Lord Grace. She will then contemplate about the next step and contact you by email or phone call.

It may take several days before Lord Grace is able to respond individually to your inquiry. Please be patient. ALMIGHTY GOD is worth waiting for.  OM  Your turn will come.  OM

ALMIGHTY GOD I AM Bless you in your Spiritual Journey and its completion. OM

Individual Retreats

In consultation with Lord Grace, individual private retreats can be planned and booked to assist those who may actually Enlighten fully and integrate it in this life.

Private retreats are designed based on where you are spiritually and to support you to have your next spiritual experience and deepen your connection to ALMIGHTY GOD Within.

Lord Grace offers Self-inquiry meditation, small group Living Vedanta Satsangs, private spiritual consultations, spiritual astrology, individual Enlightenment Training, private retreats, quarterly Enlightenment Intensives, and Scripture study of the actual Teachings about Enlightenment coming through a wide variety of Sages and Traditions.

There is at times a waiting list for individual retreats of two to four weeks to four months, as Her time and Energy is precious, and space is limited to maintain quality. She is in Switzerland at GOD'S House Satsang Hall from mid-October to early January, 2030.

She and other support staff offer technical and inspired processes as well as other elements from The Destiny PlayShop, The Course for Courage, clearing through Movies, Astrology for Enlightenment and Destiny, Spiritual Means healing, Energy Shields and the Disentanglement Exercises and Psychic Plug Removals, Reiki, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Past Life Clearing Training, Young Living Oils aromatherapy, Raindrop Therapy aromatherapy treatments, The Yogurt Treatment, Pancha Karma treatments, Emotional Freedom Technique, and N.E.T. emotional or sabateur release.

Outside Support Staff in nearby Zurich and other nearby villages offer Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Drop-Table Chiropractic and can be a great back-up.

Two to three weeks, one month to three months, and sometimes six month residential retreats are often recommended for such programs and their integration before your re-entry into regular life. Some stay longer. GOD'S House and the Enlightenment Monastery retreat housing can currently offer housing for two additional students on long-term retreat at one time. This allows for more individual in-depth guidance and program support.

Follow-up phone or Skype supervision is often suggested. Current Satsangs are available by download for students on retainer. Sets of 25 Satsang DVDs each are available from the Gift Shop or on site at the Ashram.

Retreat fees vary. A two week retreat is usually 2,000 CHF, plus your retreat room, 40 CHF a might, plus you provide and prepare your own food. Such a short retreat usually means condensing your integration time. A three month initial retreat fee is usually 1,500 CHF each month, plus you supply and prepare your own food. These fees include all of the Ashram staff support required during your stay here, as well as a room with shared bath and shared kitchen facilities with your own refrigerator. Scripture books and Satsang DVDs are extra, as well as any services you require outside of Ashram staff and off GOD'S House premises, and transport to get to and from those appointments.

If your stay includes an Enlightenment Intensive, an additional reduced 1,000.00CHF applies for that month.

Return retreats are usually 1,200 CHF a month for the same facilities, plus housing plus the reduced fee of 1,000.00 CHF for any Enlightenment Intensive taken while here during this longer stay.

Longer-term residence involves similar fees. The usual residential fee for retreat housing and supervision is 1,200.00 CHF a month, and 1,000 CHF for each Enlightenment Intensive taken while in residence. Because so few residential rooms are available, and Ashram expenses have to be covered, this fee is seldom reduced.

All fees are non-refundable.

The Ashram of Enlightenment and Integration is not financially subsidized by any larger organization. All fees go to cover actual Ashram and Retreat Center expenses. As all of our staff are Swamis (monks), none receive salaries from Ashram programs. Fees and donations to the Ashram make your stay here possible. You are joining others who have come here from around the world to take advantage of this rare opportunity. In Reality, this is a Blessing beyond price.

Lord Grace's assignmant as a Guru is to Transmit Enlightenment and support its integration.

We ask those receiving services here to pay fees who are able and moved to do so. We have found over the years that most have found spontaneously a way to do so if it was meant to be.

In the past 33 years, no one who has ever been meant to be here has been refused, whether they could afford even partial fees or not. We are not easily able to offer this at this time, because of where this took us financially over some years.

Our equipment supports the production of our Scripture books, CDs, and DVDs. Your fees pay for us to be able to provide both the programming and products provided.

All is for ALMIGHTY GOD I AM, and HIS Glory, including the Enlightenment that comes out of this Service.

Everyone coming on retreat is also asked to offer service of 10 - 20 hours a week doing housework, gardening, yard work, and/or simple building repairs and maintenance. Occasionally other services actually needed by the Ashram, such as web site design, DVD and videotape editing, and keypunching, are acceptable service options.

Such service assists in grounding out extra high level energy you are opening to, burning off old karma, and to learn how to cook, clean, and maintain yourself and your possessions safely and wisely in Samadhi. It also prepares you for a life of functioning and Service following Enlightenment. Service is a standard practice in traditional Ashrams for good reasons. OM